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Matten Super Flux R.O.

The Matten Super Flux R.O. System is best suited for water treatment operations requiring ultra-pure water and water recovery ratios greater than 90%. The equipment is compact, skid-mounted, and modular for simple expansion. Operations are automated and simple.

Typical reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment systems can be costly and difficult to operate. Membranes may foul easily and require replacement, organics in the feed water are only moderately rejected, and costly anti-scalant additions and activated carbon pre-treatment are often required. Conventional RO systems typically exhibit a low operating flux and a product water recovery of only 75%.

The Matten Super Flux is essentially immune to fouling due to high operating pH of the reverse osmosis step, thus extending the membrane life and increasing the operating flux by up to two times that of conventional RO. It exhibits a higher rejection of organics, does not require anti-scalant additions, and has a product water recovery of up to 95 percent.


The Matten Super Flux R.O. System uses three steps before reverse osmosis (RO):

    Weak acid cation (WAC) exchange resin is used to remove sodium and hardness associated with alkalinity. Other cations (such as copper, barium, iron, manganese and zinc) are also removed. In this step, the bicarbonate alkalinity in the water is converted to carbon dioxide.
    After the WAC ion exchange treatment, the water is passed through a counter -current air stripper (membrane degasifier) to remove the carbon dioxide created in the WAC ion exchange process. This step removes the buffering capacity of the water, thereby minimizing caustic additions in the next step.
    In the high pH RO step, a small amount of caustic is used to increase the pH prior to treatment.

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