Matten Technologies, Inc.

Water Treament Systems - Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology

Brief History

Matten Technologies, Inc. was established in 1999 in response to the observed need for more cost-efficient as well as reliable water treatment system, parts, and service providers in the Philippines.

Initially, our status as new entrants to the industry made it difficult for us to secure new water treatment plant project and system upgrades. This resulted in Matten aggressively marketing and supplying water related replacement parts as well as system diagnostics and support services in order to establish the reputation for reliability, know-how, and innovation.

Now, Matten is one of the most competitive firm in the field of pure water system design and engineering and is also in forefront of aggressive introduction of latest technology in waste water treatment from KOCH MEMBRANE. Moreover, Matten is currently the leading stockist of major replacement parts in the Philippines.

A look inside Matten Facilities:

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