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Water Treament Systems - Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology

Koch Megamagnum® Series

The MegaMagnum® Water Treatment System developed by KOCH Membrane Systems (KMS) is a pre-engineered, packaged system that uses reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF) technology.

The MegaMagnum® membrane element is the core technology of the system. It is the world’s largest spiral-wound element, with 18-inch diameter and 61-inch length. The number of elements used in a MegaMagnum system is one-seventh the number of elements needed to produce the same water quantity and quality at the same fouling rate using the standard system with 8-inch elements operating at similar pressures and fluxes.

Why the MegaMagnum® ?


RO and NF are pressure-driven membrane technologies (about 100-300 psi) for purifying water. RO remove essentially all dissolved particles including salts and organic molecules. NF membranes, on the other hand, selectively remove particles such as hardness, sulfate, phosphate and organics. Pressurized water is forced through the membranes, leaving salts and organics behind in a concentrate stream and providing high purity water as end product.

Nominal flow
System Name Array MGD m3/day
MM3 2-1 0.1 1,900
MM6 4-2 1 3,800
MM9 6-3 1.5 5,700
MM12 8-4 2 7,600

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