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MATTEN introduces another innovation in Wastewater Treatment Technology to the Philippine market.

The MATTEN SelRO System is specially useful in Sugar Refining and Liquid Sugar Processing where large amount of Ion Exchange Regeneration Effluents are produced as waste in the Decolourisation/Demineralization step.

But with this new technology, Alkaline Brine from the Waste Stream can be recovered and reverted back to almost its original state which can be used again in the Ion Exchange Regeneration process. Indeed, the MATTEN SelRO System spells Financial and Environmental Advantages for the Sugar Industry

The Matten SelRO System utilizes a specialized type of Nanofiltration (NF) membrane which is characterized by excellent chemical and thermal stability.

Unlike other NF membranes which can operate only within the pH range of 2 to 11, SelRO membranes exhibit outstanding resistance to strong acids and bases making it the perfect choice for use in a broad spectrum of industrial chemical applications.

The operational and cost effectiveness of the SelRO membranes in Alkaline recovery applications has successfully been demonstrated on various feed types of CIP streams with low solid contents.

MATT SelRO System Benefits:

Extended Applications:

Aside from Brine/Alkaline Recovery, the SelRO membrane can also be used in the following:

System Specifications:

Product Name Configuration Approximate MWCO pH Range Maximum Temperature
°F (°C)
MPS-34 Spiral-wound 200 0-14 158 (70)
MPS-36 Spiral-wound 1,000 1-13 158 (70)

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