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Reverse osmosis is a widely accepted unit of operation in the production of ultrapure water in many industries. It has gained such widespread use because it removes essentially all dissolved salts, natural organic matter, microorganisms and particulate matter.

Matten Technologies, Inc. offers Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems in a variety of configurations, each designed to meet specific application needs. Each system follows the same pride, integrity and design inherent to all Matten Systems. Besides the RO unit, Matten has a complete program for pretreatment of RO feed water and post treatment of permeates. Matten RO systems are skid-mounted and ready for installation.


The pH of the raw water is adjusted and reducing agents are added to destroy residual oxidizers that might harm the membranes. Anti-scalant is also added to prevent precipitation of salts.


Activated carbon filtration is added for the removal of oxidizers and organics. The feed water is then pre-filtered using a cartridge filter and flows through an inlet solenoid valve to the pump


A high pressure pump made of stainless steel drives the water through the membrane. Permeate and concentrate streams are led through flow meters to outlet and drain connections. All connections are made of high pressure hoses or PVC pipes.


The product water of the RO system is collected in a storage tank. If ultrapure water is required in the process, the RO product water can be further treated with a mixed bed ion exchange system.

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